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Easter Flower Arrangements

When Easter arrives each year, Christians around the world find themselves thinking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope that they have of attaining eternal life. The Easter bunny and all of the current traditional ways of celebrating the holiday are all fine and good, but for most believers those trappings offer little by way of marking the true meaning of the Day. For that reason, many turn to Easter flower arrangements as a way to share their faith with loved ones and celebrate the goodness of their God.

Easter flower arrangements can be expensive when purchased from a store, however, making them impractical for many who would otherwise offer them as gifts or use them for their own home decorations during this important season. Fortunately, you can make your own arrangement for significantly less cost, and have them be every bit as bright and beautiful as those purchased in the finer flower shops. Believe it or not, there is no magic secret to arranging flowers – just a need for some semblance of order and color balance, and an imagination big enough to encompass the broader themes of the holiday.

Spring flowers

Making your own Easter flower arrangements is made easier by the fact that Spring flowers are among the brightest and most comfortable flowers you can find. Whether they are the brilliantly white lilies or other Easter faithful like tulips, azaleas, and daffodils, there is a broad selection of early-year flowers from which to choose. The rest of your arrangement is simply a matter of choosing the right pot and accessories to truly bring the finished product to life.

Go Small at First

While you may feel the temptation to make a big statement with your first few Easter flower arrangements, you are better served to think small. Working on a smaller canvas, so to speak, enables you to focus more intently on creating the right arrangement rather than struggling to fill what seems to be empty space. Pots of the four-inch variety are about the perfect size, particularly if you are going to make several arrangements to give as gifts. If you have several of those pots on hand, then you are almost ready to make your Easter flower arrangements.

The Arrangement

Beginning with your potted lily, tulip, or other flowers is the only realistic way to design your own Easter flower arrangements. They are very hard to properly align with a pre-determined Easter basket display, so the plant comes first. Place several of these potted plants into an Easter basket of any size that contains a layer of that synthetic grass used this time of year. Arrange them so that there is a little space between the pots, since we will want to add other elements to the basket as well, including more of the grass to provide a better, more secure bed for the pots.

Adding the Eggs

Decorative eggs – the kind many parents make with their children shortly before Easter arrives – can be laid within the basket in a pleasing pattern. These eggs also symbolize birth and rebirth, and so are often used in Easter flower arrangements. Finally, add other traditional favorites as well: Easter treats, chocolate bunnies and ducks, and so on.

The overall combination of elements will create Easter flower arrangements that you will be proud to give to your loved ones and that will remind them of just how important the Easter season is. Best of all, the costs involved in making your own arrangements are far less than those found in professional shops – and the finished product is a reflection of your own creativity and love.